Poezii in limba engleza pentru pitici voinici

Din categoria sa invatam cuvinte simple, usoare in limba engleza :)….va invitam sa invatam impreuna:

“Good morning, dear teacher

Good morning, how are you?

We are very happy

To say “hello” to you.”


Please, cat, run,


The dog is after you.


Three birds on a tree

Four, four,four

Four mice on the floor.”

“I saw, I saw, I saw

A lion at the zoo.

I saw, I saw, I saw

A baby tiger,too.

I saw,I saw,I saw

A great big kangaroo.

I saw,I saw, I saw

I saw them at the zoo.”

“Up is the ceiling

Down is the floor

There is the window

And there is the door.”

“I have ten little fingers,

I have ten little toes,

I have two little ears

And just one little nose.”

”Blue is the sky

Green is the grass

White are the clouds

As they slowly pass.”

“Let’s be polite

In everything we do.

Remember to say “please”

And don’t forget “thank you”. “

“Little mouse, little mouse

Where is your house?

Here is a little door

Under the floor.”

“Spring is green

Summer is  bright

Autumn is yellow

Winter is white.”

“Are you sleeping?

Are you sleeping?

Brother John

Brother John

Morning bells are ringing

Morning bells are ringing



“Knock knock knock

Who is it?


Merry who?

Merry Christmas!”

“Get up, little Freddy

Breakfast is ready,

Butter and cheese

All that you please.”

“A glass of milk

A slice of bread

Then “good night”

We go to bed.”

“Together, together

We are every day

Together, together

We learn and play.”

“I have a cat

Her name is Tit

And by the fire

She loves to sit.”

“Now it’s time

For us to play

No more lessons

For today . 🙂 “

“I sit at the table

To eat and drink

At school, in class

I learn and sing.”

“I’m a little snowman, short and fat

This is my nose and this is my hat.

When the snow is falling, come and play

Build a snowman everyday.”

Distractie placuta alaturi de piticii vostri 😀

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